About the show

Titan Medical Lifestyle is home to the Titan podcasts that are aired LIVE on Titan social media @titanmedical & then posted here!

  • Titan Talk Tuesdays streamed live Tuesdays @6pm hosted by Titan owner John Tsikouris.
  • Titan Lifestyle streamed live Fridays @2pm hosted by Titan bodybuilding athlete Big Dru Borden & Titan owner John Tsikouris.
  • Sharisse's Health & Lifestyle Soapbox streamed live on Wednesday's hosted by Titan owner Sharisse Tsikouris.

  • On Titan Talk Tuesdays Titan Medical Center CEO John Tsikouris talks about fitness, health & cutting-edge medical science as he helps motivate & educate you with his experience in the medical & fitness lifestyle industries. He discusses the Therapy of the Week, Titan events, athletes, and gives tons of fitness & health tips backed by medical science & experience.

  • The Titan Lifestyle with Big Dru is a weekly talk show (aired via live video feed every Friday on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube) where Titan Medical Center exclusive athlete Big Dru talks about fitness and health. Big Dru has been in the fitness game a long time and now he's here to help YOU Learn more about getting right in and out of the gym!

  • Sharisse's Health & Lifestyle Soapbox is a podcast where Titan owner Sharisse goes live and talks about what’s on her mind and answers comments with live viewers with her husband John! This one's for the female audiences and the topics range from medical science to everyday living and everything in between!

Check out our other Titan podcast the Cupid's Corner for love life advice from Titan Medical owners John & Sharisse who have been married for 13+ years! Listen for tips and advice on how to keep your love life going strong or if you want to reignite the passion! https://cupidscorner.fireside.fm

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